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What is #VirtualPhotography?

The #VirtualPhotography project is a way for you and your loved ones to get portraits taken by a professional photographer using video conferencing apps such as FaceTime and Zoom. The entire process (from signing up to receiving your photos) is done online so you can #stayhome while making new memories! We started this project in the hope that it would help to raise the spirits of people staying home during this scary and uncertain time. 


How Does it Work?


You can sign up for a virtual photo shoot from the link below.


We'll look for the best place to take photos in your home together.
→video conferencing apps: FaceTime (recommended), Skype, or Zoom
→natural lighting is best, so we recommend taking photos during the day


We'll find the angle that looks best using your smart phone.


Position your phone!

→You can simply hold your phone, but having a tripod or something to position your phone on would be helpful


Your photographer will guide you through the shoot while taking screen shots.


The screen shots will be edited and finalized!


You will receive your photos online (email, etc.) within two days.


We are currently taking a break from this project. 

If you would like to sign up for a virtual photo shoot, please visit the site below. 

How Do I Sign Up?


How Can I Contribute As a Photographer?

If you'd like to help us spread positivity as a photographer, please contact us from the Contact Page on this site.


How Much Does it Cost?

These virtual photo shoots are conducted free of charge. (Tentatively until the end of the state of emergency period in Japan)

However, most photographers are struggling to find work as it is impossible to take photos on-site while staying safe at home. After seeing your edited photos, if you would like to support your photographer, you can do so by making a donation (please discuss payment methods with your photographer.)

Photo Gallery

The photos below were taken by photographers that took part in this project. By clicking on the photo, you can visit the photographer's website.

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