Borasha Project x Bulletin Cubes

@Ginza Sony Park

2020.6.18 - 7.19

The Borasha Project was featured in Sony Ginza Park's bulletin cube exhibition thanks to photographer Takaki Yasuyuki.


Disaster Relief Volunteer

Photo Exhibit

at the Gifu Prefecture Disaster Relief Volunteer Symposium


25 years since the Hanshin Awaji Earthquake. 

This was the year a nation-wide movement of disaster relief volunteerism was born. 

January 17th is also ‘Disaster Preparedness and Volunteer Day’

and the week of January 15th to 21st is ‘Disaster Preparedness and Volunteer Week.’

A photo exhibit was held in Gifu Prefecture, where photographer Shiho Yuruki was born. During Disaster Preparedness Week, photos Shiho took after torrential rainfall hit Western Japan were exhibited here.


Online Family Festival

~Stay Home While Having Fun~


Borasha's first online event! We took part in an event introducing fun activities that can be enjoyed in the safety of one's home during the pandemic. We demonstrated how virtual photo shoots can be done at home! 

Borasha Exhibit

@Reborn Fes


This was a great way to remember all of the volunteers who dedicated time to help build back better the city of Kure.

mini Borasha Exhibit
@Machikado Shimin

This exhibit was sponsored by Kure Shinkin Bank at Machikado Shimin Gallery 90.

mini Borasha Exhibit

Torrential Rainfall Relief Effort Event


A mini Borasha exhibit was held at the International Conference Center in Hiroshima.

Thank you to all the staff and participants for coming out!

mini Borasha Exhibit

JVOAD National Forum


Thanks to all the people who came out to see the exhibition!


This forum was a great platform for people from all over Japan to come together to share their thoughts and learn about the current state and the future of disaster relief.

At this forum, we were able to exhibit our photos, and photographer Shiho Yuruki was the official photographer for the forum.

mini Borasha Exhibit

at the Kure Mascot Festival


An amazing and exciting two day event, thanks to the number of passionate people who came together to make this event happen. 

There is still a lot of work that needs to be done to here, but being able to speak with other people working towards the same goal has given us inspiration to keep going. 

Western Japan

Torrential Rainfall

Volunteer Photo Exhibit

& Mixer 


Participants helped decorate the wall with Borasha photos submitted to us from volunteers.

We ran out of space on the walls and had to use the pillars and doors in order to put up all the photos.

Thanks to the Borasha Team for all of their support in making this memorable event a success. 

It's been a month since I began planning this event. 

I never imagined more than 100 people would participate. 

Thank you all for the wonderful memories. 

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